Monday, August 31, 2009

Fires in NSW

Did we miss winter this year?
Tomorrow is the first day of spring in the southern hemisphere and in Australia it has been heralded by gale force winds, lack of rain, and temps in the mid 20's.
Local farmers lament the lack of rain that promotes healthy pasture for the months ahead with the forests tinder dry.
These conditions were answered by a number of fires across the state last week.
Eurobodalla, our local shire, has three fires going at the moment with the blaze at Dromedary being the largest having burnt some 2874 Ha ( and still going).
This was the scene last Friday afternoon...

Saturday morning, after gale force winds, it looked a little more intense....

Dromedary is under the big pall of smoke.

There was even a small fire upriver of Bermagui.

It was listed on the NSW Rural Fire Service site, though was small by comparison and seems to have been put out.

On Saturday afternoon a change came through with some rain, giving some relief to tireless firefighters. We still need much more though.
My thoughts go out to those in the Tilba area who are on alert as high winds continue from the South West.
With continuing high winds and temps, NSW is a tinderbox.
Consideration of the conditions and the consequences of ignoring them at the forefront of many living in the country as we leave winter today.

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  1. Hi David
    Great shot # 2 of the smoke above Mt Dromedary.
    I had heard of the fire on ABC local radio, but to see it like that is pretty scary.
    I was in the Upper Hunter last weekend, and they were burning off like men possessed.
    But your point is correct - it is so dry that if the conditions are right, nothing will prevent huge conflagrations.
    But a number of fires in the Jervis Bay area were deliberately lit.
    Jail Terms seem inadequate for those offences.
    I have no idea what the answer is.
    Bring back George W Bush?
    Surely not?
    Not Cheery, now!


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