Monday, September 07, 2009

Spring thaw at the Australian Alps

Spring is underway, be it slowly, at the Snowy Mountains.

Like a view springing from the Serengeti, the roof of Australia was under snow as the surrounds basked in warm, dry, Savannah.
I wanted to photograph some of the new spring flowers that pop through the snow in the melt.
After the unseasonal warm weather I thought I may have a chance, though the high country plays by its own rules.

The snow has retreated somewhat, with Perisher having enough of the white stuff to have a happy season for a little while yet.
Below that point the cover is scattered.

Areas of melt produce some amazing scenes, like the ones below.

This temporary pond (below) plays host to alpine frog species that wait for just such times.
The Eco system is incredibly fragile and scenes like this leave me to wonder as to the pressure that lack of snow, through global warming, may have on such tenuous relationships between species and their environmental habitats.

At higher altitudes the snow was still thick on the ground.

These alpine gums hang on to the boulders, their forms twisted and stunted by high altitude and the elements.

Winter hasn't given up hold of the high country just yet, with more snow on the way.

My hunt for wildflowers of the Australian Alps with have to wait a few more weeks.


  1. Brrrrr, Looks cold, David.
    Nice images of the ice and pools, though.

  2. Beautiful images ...


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