Monday, March 28, 2011

Extreme Sea Foam

The East coast of Australia has had some severe storms of late.
This video shows the extent of the sea foam washed ashore.
Its maximum depth was a little over 2 meters and was positioned over sand on the beach above the waterline.

Its a strange sensation being encased in a sea of windblown foam, with an idea of what it would be like pictured below. Keep in mind that we are standing on dry beach. :)


  1. Hi David
    Great posting.
    I have heard of such events, but it is good to see it documented so well. Without you having ventured into it, I would have just looked like a mess of bubbles in the bath.
    Well done.
    Was it messy?

  2. Hi David
    I flicked your link to my brother in Dalmeny.
    He responded as follows:

    "No thanks.
    It was pretty bad last January, but nothing like this bad. It takes ages to go away.

    So you might have some sludge on your beaches for a while.
    Interesting phenomenon.
    Do you know any chemists (not pharmacists) who could test the chemical composition?
    I wonder if there is a detergent ingredient in there, or other pollution?

  3. That photo is just amazing! (Btw regarding the video, I'm getting a message "video unavailable".)


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