Saturday, April 16, 2011

Autumn Harvest

With the onset of colder weather bird life of all sorts has been taking advantage  of the still plentiful insect population.
When cutting the lawn the other day I was amazed how many wolf and grass spiders I disturbed.
This little guy was a little nervous of my macro.

Out in the surrounding fields the spider population is such that these Heron were catching a spider a minute in the long grass .

Mice are also plentiful and keep us busy blocking the ingress points they keep finding; my snake "mittens" driven insane by the scent trails that are painfully obvious to him in his pre winter feed mode.
Its all part of living in an area laden with wildlife though.
I'm looking forward to catching up again with naturalist Denis Wilson over the next week to study the local forest and should have some interesting posts on that distinctive environment to follow soon.

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