Monday, April 18, 2011

Trip to Mimosa Rocks

A quick trip to Mimosa Rocks today was very rewarding, with a couple of great shots and the meeting of some very interesting people - from archivists and German tourists to lighting specialists.
I have included the following shot for my Lighting specialist friend :)
Following our discussion on Germany it is, of course, Berlin Hauptbahnhof.
I've included a link here for those who would like to know a little more about this fascinating building.

It seems that there has been some strange raising of the stones at Mimosa.
This I was able to capture, as seen below.

Yes, a little arty and mystical in black and white.
There were rings of such standing stones and constructions reminiscent of Easter Island statues gazing out to it all miniature in comparison to the aforementioned.

With all the excitement, I was still able to get a nice little shot of some wildlife as well.

I believe them to be Scrub Wrens, the male in the foreground.

All in all a most interesting morning.

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  1. Like the Standing Stones, David.
    There is a British artist who specialises in these kinds of displays. A Photographer, of course.
    You guys are all about capturing the Moment, and the light, aren't you!
    Your birds are a pair of Variegated Fairy Wrens. The blue on the tails is different from the usual Superb FWs, and the colour around the eyes is also different from the male Superb's colour. There is a hint of reddish-brown on the back just developing. A very colourful "gem" of Nature when in full colour.


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