Friday, February 10, 2012

Kickboxing Kangaroos

Today I was lucky enough to see a sparring match between two kangaroos.
The video below captured most of the action and you should pay attention
to the first 4 to 10 seconds where an interaction between one of the opponents
and another kangaroo seem to spark the action that follows.

This video is available in higher resolution HERE

Many wallabies and kangaroo have been present in our area 
of late with this afternoons gathering one of the largest with
over 15 kangaroos present in the mob.

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  1. Hi David
    I watched this several times last night, but something happened (on my end) and I didn't leave a comment, (as far as I remember).
    I was intrigued that in the first 10 seconds one of the big bucks walks over to another one, (roughly the same size) and they sniff eachother's noses for a second.
    Then the second Roo hope around in a circle and goes over and starts a fight with a 3rd Roo.
    Its as if the first one gave a message to No 2, and that one then started the fight.
    Love to know what that message was.


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