Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Recent weather sparks insect activity

Hot days with periods of high humidity has seen insect activity on the increase.

The mossies being no exception.

Larval casings of larger insects such as Robberflys, can easily be found in their environments with a large number of prey insects to support this and other predators such as the Dragonfly.

Accompanied by producer and photographer Andrew Jones, I made the trek to a number of small waterfalls such as the one pictured.

To get the shot you need low light with long exposures, so we are sitting at dusk in a mossie infested rain forest getting shots when I'm buzzed by a Dragonfly like insect. It being too dark to photograph or identify more clearly.

I thought them heat of the day hunters, though was proven incorrect by the near dark antics of this creature.

Not the one, pictured below, though this particular insect is in good numbers in many areas at the moment.

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