Friday, February 02, 2007

Flying the Coup

The last of the Magpie hatchlings are getting the boot from their nests at the moment with a few still getting a feed such as this one pictured.
Magpies pair off for mating, with excess males joining a gang of birds that will pack hunt food.
Earlier in the season we had a young bird that believed it should still have its food supplied. It adopted us to the extent of being a regular visitor in the kitchen should we leave the back door open even a little.
If you feed native birds it is best to check the correct food types for them - remembering that your help may artificially swell numbers beyond their natural limits causing a food shortage if you decide to stop.

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  1. Don't you just hate the constant nagging sounds? I mean, as parents we all relate to what is going on, but.... Spare me!

    The young Galahs make those low squarking notes, which change suddenly to those shrill, fast almost mechanical sounds, as they are being fed (Parrots regurgitate food to feed the young). The Magpie's system of just passing over a fat worm is cleaner.

    Nice family moment you have captured there, David.

    Stunning photo of that miniature waterfall and also the Damsel fly in the previous post, too. Well done.



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