Monday, February 12, 2007

The Day the sky fell

Standing at the doors of the Fettlers Shed at 6pm Sat, the exhibitors of the Summer Break Exhibition watched the massive thunderheads roll in from the north east. Rain started falling some time around 8.30pm as we all moved to the Bowling Club for BJ and Bonies farewell concert.
(Great night Bones!)

My thanks to Karen and Lou for the range of tasty treats available at the exhibition opening. 4 hours prep in the kitchen did not go to waste (neither did any of the food).
Thanks also to all who came, helping make the inaugural summer exhibition idea such a success.
We look forward to having the Fettlers Shed full of great art next summer break with many other exhibitions planned before that. It will soon be possible to view these online with the Fettlers blog site underway. Artists are invited to link their Blogs to this site and to use it to promote their exhibitions.

The lightning and rain went well into the night and next day with hardly a let-up.

Around 1pm on the Sunday I decided to head out to Bowral.

The rain had eased to steady as I took Kangaloon Road.

The waterfall pictured here was taken as I climbed to East Kangaloon. My average speed was 20Km/h as the high side of the road put on a scaled down version of Victoria Falls for the length of my ascent. My apologies for the droplets on the lens, unavoidable even though the shot was taken inside the car.

It seems super moist air, driven by a high pressure system, hit the escarpment from the NE and cooled.

This gave the massive rainfall experienced. This process could be observed happening with the "live" radar image available by the link to Mittagong weather.

Clouds with low rainfall really picked up as they passed the coastal plain to the highlands - increasing precipitation from light blue to, at times, dark orange on the scale used.

Quite an amount of water fell over catchment areas, though Robbo seemed to get the lions share over the Sat/Sun period. Robbo also receiving 152mm 9am Sun/9am Mon.

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