Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Forest blooms after rain

After the rain, a rain forest is the place to be to spot fungal blooms.

Robertson's last remaining pockets of such forest are alive at the moment with a myriad of fungal forms, as well as creatures taking advantage of the damp sun dappled conditions.

After school my daughters Rhiannon and Aeron accompanied me on a scouting trip to see what we could find

It is most important that these areas are disturbed as little as possible, so as to maintain them in as pristine a condition as we can. When visiting it is important to keep to the track taking only photos and leaving only footprints.

The work done by local land care groups has been essential in the preservation of these areas - Keeping grasses and weeds from invading often subtle and delicate systems.

These tiny fungi pictured are growing on stems no bigger than a hair. The trunk on which they grow is mattered with such hairs and only flowers when conditions are right for spore dispersal.

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