Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Tree Frog

After a recent rainstorm I found this frog on the veranda railing.
I am reasonably sure it is Litoria peronii ( The Emerald Spotted Tree frog )

It seems this amphibian can change colour depending on the time of day, the temperament of the individual, and with temperature!
It's finger and toe pads were large, with the fingers half webbed and the toes were almost fully webbed.
It measured in at an impressive 60mm.

Its registered habitat is in line with my surrounds: forests, grasslands, and open ground.
I have a dam nearby, and It is commonly found near rivers, creeks, lagoons and flooded areas over large sections of eastern Australia.

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  1. Hi David
    Nice frog. L peronii looks right.
    They are supposed to have an orange patch on inner thighs, but like all "nice" frogs, they only reveal their inner thighs to their very best friends!


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