Friday, October 10, 2008

Second year of blogging

Well, Its been two years of blogging.
I hope all those who have visited this site have enjoyed the photos I have uploaded... I have plans for many more to come.
I am working at getting some photos soon of the Whale migration ( on at the moment), as well as some good snake pics.

Spiders have been out and about for the last few weeks, with a variety of orb weavers including a very colourful Snt Andrews Cross.
This little spider was thoughtful enough to allow me to test my skills with a rather tricky shot....

As I have been celebrating my second year, I thought a pic of my bourbon and cola, with appropriate ice cube, would be apt. :)

Thanks to Jill for the ice cube tray ;)
Thanks to all for taking the time to visit my site.


  1. Hi David
    Great Spider shot. Now all you need to do is catch a Dung Beetle, rolling the sun along, and you would have completed the set.
    Loved the Aussie Ice-cube image too. Still enjoying on the Bourbon and Coke, I see.
    Congratulations on the 2nd year achievement.

  2. hi David,

    congratulations on your two years of blogging. I have certainly enjoyed my visits to your site, learning much in the process.

    That spider pic is sensational.


  3. Hi guys,

    Thanks for dropping by.
    Its been inspirational having such support.



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