Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A few baby Pics

Spring is always a good time to show a few baby pics.

Young Sea Eagles have been cruising the skies, testing their aerobatic skills in dogfights with each other for prey.

This very active Koala posed for the camera in a rare period of daytime wakefulness .

Even the humble Seagull had a shot or two to offer.

This chick allowing a most comical shot.

And, last though by no means least, whales are well into their southern migration down the east coast of Australia.
This calf having playtime with its mum in Horseshoe Bay, Bermagui.

Yes, spring is a time of wonder and interesting photographic possibilities.
I am currently searching for sparring Red Bellied Black Snakes and hope to have some shots soon.

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  1. The Seagull chick image is just great. It looks like it is complaining about having just laid that over-sized egg!
    That would make a good entry in a comical-themed photo comp.


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