Friday, October 09, 2009

Three Years of Blogging

I was lucky enough to spend the anniversary for my third year of blogging down in Victoria, viewing the remaining Apostles along the Great Ocean Road.
Quite recently one fell into the sea, due to the fierce elemental action on Australia's southern coast, leaving now only seven of the original twelve.

These shots are testament to wind and wave action on this sandstone plateau which is constantly in a changing state.
I hope you have all enjoyed the last three years, with more yet to come.
Thank you all :)


  1. Hi David
    Aaaah, my favourite locality.
    I once organised an event to celebrate the 100th (I think) anniversary of the crash of the Loch Ard, in the gorge now named after it.
    Wonderful coast line.
    Looks like the weather was kind to you - except it always blows there. "Windy" is a relative term there.
    At least you had sunshine.


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