Thursday, October 22, 2009

South Coast Echidna

With warming weather, many animals have been making an appearance.

One of these is the Echidna.

This egg laying marsupial mammal is classed as a monotreme, the other is the Platypus.

Both are only found in Australia.

The offspring, usually one, is called a "Puggle" and it is carried in its mothers pouch until too spikey. When this happens the mother will dig a shallow hole, place the youngster in it, and return every few days to supply milk.

They can live up to 45 years eating termites and ants.

I saw many of these creatures while in Victoria recently, ranging all the way to Bermagui where I live.

Take care if you are driving through wild habitats at the moment, as Echidna seem to be out in great numbers, along with a variety of reptiles and kangaroos.

Your local area will have wildlife protection organisations that rescue injured animals and it makes sense to program this number into your mobile.


  1. Hi David
    I saw one on the weekend, myself.
    Liked your sound effects of rustling sounds of dry leaves.

  2. Hi Denis,
    No sound effects on that one, other than what went on :)
    I was sitting 450mm from the Echidna in tick infested leaf litter to get those shots.
    That was after tracking him some 100 through snake infested grassland.
    I love my work :)



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