Friday, September 21, 2007

Damsel Fly pays a visit

Although not the best photo, this image shows the size of some of the insects getting around at the moment. This diminutive damsel fly hangs on to a palm print that looks quite ridged due to the intense magnification.

My daughters found it in the backyard, and it came in for a visit, a photo shoot, and was gone..

Insects, such as this, are out and about with the warmer weather. With brilliant colouring they are always a pleasure to shoot at such close quarters. You just have to be quick, as they will not usually stay still for long.


  1. That was an extremely co-operative damsel fly, David. I rarely have any luck getting one to stay still long enough to get a photo, in fact, I don't think I have a photo of a damsel fly at all.

    I sometimes find a dragonfly early in the morning warming its wings, and have managed a few photos this way. I have even shot a couple of frozen dragonflies during winter.

    Kids that are interested in little creatures discover so much :)


  2. Hi Gaye,
    I once heard ,as a child, my neighbours yelling "kill it Kill it"..only to find these neighbours from a less environmentally diverse land, close in on a blue tongue lizard.
    I, of course, hopped the fence, picked it up, and took it to the chemical free refuge that was my childhood home..we were a bit funny for the 1970's, though the diversity of life on our acre block was astounding. All children should be exposed to the wonder of nature, lest we become further detached and lessened in the process.


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