Saturday, September 22, 2007

Escarpment Trip

Last week, although a little tired from getting an hour or two sleep, I accompanied Denis on a trip to the pristine eucalypt forests that exist at the very lip of the escarpment.

As Denis had access granted to a friends property, we proceeded through paddocks surrounded by sections of old rain forest similar in nature to that of the Robertson reserve, though all large canopy trees, such as coach wood, had been removed long ago by loggers.

This old fence post giving
an idea as to the tenacity of life.

We then , after approaching the eastern boundary of the forest, descended at about 25 degrees through dry rain forest. Sounding a contradiction of terms,the place is. Dominated by large canopy trees, such as Black wood, the area was devoid of any undergrowth and was heavily leaf littered. The few tree ferns were large and ancient, pictured below with Denis for scale. The bole of the fern giving an idea of its age.

Eventually we reached the escarpment edge.

The rain forest gave way abruptly to unspoilt eucalypt forest.
Too difficult to log, the area is basically unchanged.
The picture, below, not doing justice to the size of the trees that inhabit it.

A most interesting excursion to visit true local old growth forest.
Nothing like it.
Thanks Denis.

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