Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Waratah right on time

It has been nearly a year since my blog on the flowering of the white Waratah and, right on cue, this amazing plant is approaching bloom again.
I have taken some pre bloom shots, showing the unfolding of the protective coverings, revealing the flower head to be.
The timing of this blooming so close to last years effort is a wonder in its self.


  1. Interesting and artistic images, David.

    I hope to visit sites of wild waratahs closer to flowering time. They certainly are a spectacular bloom, but I fear they are pilfered from the bush.

    How old is your white waratah plant? Do they produce viable seed? Is it growing in a pot, or the ground?


  2. Hi Gaye,

    I would tend to feel that the seeds may not be to viable as it, and many like, it are all clones from an original plant. It is growing in the to the age, I would not know. They can vary in their growth dramatically depending on conditions, as you are no doubt aware.
    You would be welcome planning a visit to Denis and I closer to the full flowering of this plant.. you have to supply the scones though :)


  3. Hi David

    Gaye comes from Singleton, NOT Scone!!!

    Great photos - I love the way you manage to "see" things differently.


  4. "you have to supply the scones though :)"

    David, you are a very brave man - I could tell you a story about scones that once came out of my oven.....

    chuckle chuckle


  5. Hi Gaye,
    The best cooks have one bad batch, and usually own up to it.. :)

    got your snake feeding photos up on the site. :)



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