Friday, September 21, 2007

How to eat a rat

Well, it was asked here it is.
How to eat a rat...snake style
This montage shows a step by step on how it is done.
The process takes about half an hour and is fascinating to watch...if a little gruesome to some.
Nugget belongs to a mate of mine, and is a 8 foot Atherton Carpet Python. He is a nice boy....just don't get in the way of a feed.
Want a closer look?
click on the image for a more in depth view :)


  1. hi David,

    thank you. And well done, that's an excellent series. Very interesting.

    Do you and your snake friends feed the snakes live or dead rats? Do you breed your own rats? How often would a snake like that need a rat meal? Do your snakes breed?


  2. Hi Gaye,
    Thank you for your comment.
    I have had this series of photos floating around for a little while, and your interest jogged my memory as to their location.
    Firstly, dead rats are the best option for feeding, as their teeth can cause serious injury to a snake, though live food is sometimes needed to get a feed response.
    Secondly, it is best to breed your own rats if you have a number of snakes...mine, in summer, would cost me about $200/week otherwise. All rats are gassed in accordance with RSPCA rulings....still a hard part of snake ownership and.... Thirdly, during the warmer months, a rat a week (enough to make a good bulge, is fine.
    As far as success so far, and this year has been plagued by illness from additions to the collection recently. Perhaps next year (sigh).

    All the best,



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