Saturday, July 26, 2008


Having been told that it is a great time to watch birds, there being a profusion both of numbers and species at the moment, I got the camera out for a day at the beach.
What I have presented here is, except for a Sea Eagle , some Seagulls, a couple of Crows and some Plovers, what I was able to see during a 3 hour walk.
I recognize the Sandpipers, though the others are a mystery...Perhaps there is an avian expert out there who could ID them? :)

The Black Swan is presently with its mate in a neighboring Dam, and seems to have taken residence there over Winter...along with some Ducks and Waterfowl


  1. Hi David
    Sorry to be slow to respond. I have been busy with Orchids over the weekend.
    Nice photos of:
    A & B Red-capped Plover (formerly known as a Dotterel);
    C - a very handsome if sultry Reef Heron (now called an Eastern Reef Egret). The dark charcoal form is normal in your area, but some are white.
    D - Pied Oystercatchers. Lovely birds, one of my favourites. You and I saw a Sooty Oystercatcher at the Wollongong Lighthouse a year ago. Related bird. These ones are very showy in comparison.
    E- Black Swan. They will probably start breeding soon, David.

  2. Hi Denis,
    Thanks for the ID's :)
    I wouldnt have guessed the little red capped birds were plovers...there you go!

    I thought the bird you photographed at the lighthouse was in the same family as these oyster catchers...similar beaks and body structure/size.
    That was the time at the point above the baths...yes?


  3. What we know as plovers are now called "Lapwings", and what we called Dotterels are now "Plovers". Part of the changes of nomenclature, following world-wide patterns, and "precedents" - who-ever named their birds first gets to keep the name. Imperialism still rules.
    The Sooty Oystercatchers are rarer than the Pied ones, but both are lovely birds. Yes, they were at the Lighthouse at the 'Gong.
    Nice work


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