Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Avians.....big and small

As previously mentioned there are a pair of Sea Eagles in my area.
Locals have told me that a nest is close handy, and the pair regularly do trips to and from the ocean, fixing those sharp eyes on all...including the lens of my camera.

I believe I photographed a product of that nesting the other day...pictured below.

I was able to get the following shots of this bird also....

Seems the young bird was collecting material for a we are well into nesting season now.
Since it is not yet mature I wondered if it was helping with the parents nest building....or starting its own.
Perhaps a little learning time is needed to build such a large construction successfully .

More info on these amazing birds can be found here

One a much smaller scale I was also able to photograph this little guy below.....

This Butcher bird was happy to have his photo taken and I have spotted at least three in the area.

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  1. Hi David
    Great Sea Eagle shots. Loved the blue sky images of the adult. Wonderful.
    The shot of the immature carrying nesting material is great. An interesting observation.
    You will recall that Butcherbirds have a fondness for cheese. I figure that one is training you up to feed him every day.


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