Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back online (kind of)

Well its been a long break from the life of a regular blogger...posting pics at will, with Internet at a safe distance from a good coffee though, with a little persistence, I managed today to align the satellite dish and so am able to send these few pics to you the viewer of my humble site.

Having returned from Germany, I have settled in in a new area with a whole new set of flora and fauna to post.
The following shots are, firstly, of a glorious sunset I was able to capture the other day...followed by some local fauna.

These avians are regular visitors to my area and are, I believe, a hawk and a sea eagle.
The hawk was hunting in my backyard for mice, and the sea eagle has a nest not far away and does regular patrols on the trip to the ocean and back.
I hope for more pictures of these two, and will post what I get.

This last shot was taken by Petra when we were at the beach the other day.
I am not sure what type of whale it was, though a group of three passed by and I look forward to a little whale watching over the next few months as well.

I have many pictures of Germany yet to post, and will do so as I go through the many Gigs that I have taken.
You, the viewer, may look forward to many interesting shots over the following months.


  1. Hi David
    Good to see you getting on line. Say hello to Petra for me. Beth Boughton sends her regards (we were talking, today).
    Stunning Sunset image, David.
    Your birds were - Nankeen Kestrel (the small hawk. It is a type of falcon). It hovers, while hunting for mice and Grasshoppers)
    White-breasted Sea Eagle, as you said. I look forward to your photos. Stunning birds.
    Whales not my thing, but I'd guess a Humpback. They have been reported moving north, recently. Great shot.

  2. Good shot of the whale flukes!

  3. I was searching for a site to show my son pictures of spiders and here we are. Very nice site.


  4. Hi,
    ...and thanks for the comments.
    Its nice to know people get pleasure from viewing my site..very motivational. :)


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