Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where DID he go?

I have received much in the way of emails asking where I have gone.
Thank you to those of you who have missed my roaming' in hand.
We will keep in it from a distance.
After spending much time in the beautiful Highlands area, having taken literally Gigs of material covering everything I could from wasps to waterfalls, I have moved camp to the far south coast.
I now live on a little seaside property with new and exciting flora and fauna to upload to this site.
To illustrate how far south it is I have loaded this shot.
(tongue in cheek)

Yes, some would say its the ends of the Earth though, for a nature photographer, it is paradise.
A pristine environment awaits my lens and you may expect natural wonders unseen in more populated areas.

A big thank you to Denis for all his help, and for some very interesting field trips during my time in Robertson....congrats also with your work in helping stop the Aquifer Project. Kudos


  1. Your new location puts you close to Malacoota, Vic, which as I recall is the beach where the Nevil Shute's apocalyptic tale "On the Beach" is set. And just up the road is Genoa, a town so cultured that despite not having a traffic signal, they're able to put on film festivals at the petrol station.

    Welcome to a wonderful part of the world.

  2. Hi Jarrett,
    Thanks for the comment.
    When is the film festival held?
    Is it for homemade film makers such as myself?
    I would like to say I am that far south...did you place my location by the photo (lol)
    Im about as far south as a New South Welshman dares to tread :), though I would like to visit your part of the world soon....perhaps November.

  3. Hi David.
    I have been busy, busy, and slow in catching your post.
    Great image, David. Did you see Cecil B DeMille filming Moses parting the seas, while you were there?
    Thanks for the Kudos.
    It's not over yet, but we are better off with the Aquifer supposedly put on hold, but the SCA are still playing tricks. We figure they have their own agenda.
    I look forward to more of your images.

  4. Hi Denis,
    Thanks for the comment :)
    CH and I had hours of fun throwing sticks :P
    So I shouldnt go removing my "stop the Aquifer" stickers yet?...not to worry..Im sure it will be all good. When its final we will celebrate at the Robbo local. ok?


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