Saturday, February 02, 2008

Chat with a Mantis

The picture below gives an idea of the character of the Mantis.

Although diminutive, this curious little insect will check out
a relative giant such as myself.
A group of mantids inhabit one of the citrus trees in my backyard.
With quick reaction times, great eyesight, and fearsome apendages they keep the area on which they live free of insect infestation.

They make an interesting study within a relativly small environment and seem to live in harmony with another resident of the tree on which they live- The Orchard Butterfly. The Mantids seem to have no interest in the juvinile caterpillers at all, with the larger ones being too big to consider. These mantids may even
provide a service to the caterpillers by reducing competition and providing some protection from parasitic conditions.

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