Sunday, February 17, 2008

Photos of a Walk

When is a fly not a fly?...When its a walk, of course.

The pictures below are of a fly, sorry, a walk I spotted in the Robertson Reserve.
It was in the process of traversing the surfaces of a number of leaves on the top of a small bush.
The photo immediately below giving the best idea of how this little insect preferred to "leg it".
It is reaching out for the next leaf in an attempt to continue its stroll. When it couldnt reach, it turned around and took the long way around.
The wings seem to be in good condition, and fully serviceable, so the creature was on a hunt of some sort....a hunt that required not being airborne.


  1. I love you guys. Life is good. Take a look at a set of pictures I made a few years ago. The picture of the wooly-bear shows clearly a "hair" he has snipped from his own body and has tossed up and away. I watched him climb the grass blade and begin this behavior. Please take alook. I shot most of these while surveying in the forest. My Nature Photos from a few years ago

  2. Thanks for the praise of the photos Terry.
    Thanks for the input for the Header design :)
    Denis, thanks for your input too.
    All good mate.
    Love and Peace to all :)


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