Saturday, February 23, 2008

More nests

Back in December I posted a story with a few shots from my new camera.
One of the shots was of a Snt Andrews Cross in her web.

Well she, like Charlotte in that famous story, has gone now and has left her legacy in the form of egg sacks....pictured below.
I have taken a shot from different angles so that you my appreciate the unusual shape and construction.
The following shot is what happens after about 2 months........
The Snt Andrews Cross spider did well this year in her attempt to continue her species....producing 3 such nests.

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  1. That's your reward for patience, David. Nice to be able to complete the story. Well done.

    They have not yet adopted the spread-eagle stance of their mother, which gives them their name. That must take some time. Probably when they start to make their own webs.

    Blue Wrens probably will have field day, and your friend the Robber Fly. That must happen, or we would not be able to move for St Andrew's Cross Spiderwebs.

    The balance of Nature, eh?

    Great posting.



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