Sunday, February 10, 2008

Carrington Falls trip

A trip to Carrington Falls proved to be of interest with the recent rains having boosted the water going into the gorge by a reasonable percentage.
Following are some shots from the day.

On the right hand side of the above photo is one of the usual suspects in these photographic trips, Denis Wilson, who kindly donated his car for the day to run Rhiannon, Aeron and myself out there. The kids had a great time spotting local fauna and flora while Denis and I busily snapped away at some of this areas most magnificant scenery.


  1. Fabulous images, David. I have only had one trip to the Southern Highlands, many years ago, and Carrington Falls was not nearly as spectacular on my visit.

    We have also had more that our usual share of summer rains in the Hunter Valley and the river has been running high, and muddy.


  2. Hi Gaye,

    Yes, weather patterns have been "interesting" in many parts of the world in recent times. I feel we (humanity)play a part, though I cant help feeling a larger cycle is being played out.
    The weather patterns of today have only been in place for the last 5000 years. This is seen through ice core samples, and weathering patterns. The sphinx in Egypt shows considerable water weathering from its earliest days!

  3. Thanks for dropping by Joe :)




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