Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lizards great and small

I posted these shots especially for Gaye of HunterValleyBackyardNature .
(Who has a few such friends at her place ).
While on a swim with my kids this lizard came up to see what i was photographing with such interest.
It managed to creep within 1/2 a meter of me, when noticed by my children.
An Eastern Water Dragon, with an interest of its own.....wondering what the heck I was doing at its waterhole.
It posed for the following shots :)

My Daughter, Aeron, met a reptilian friend of her own.
This skink displayed the head bobbing associated with territorial ownership, walked up to her, and bit her...showing it meant business.
Aeron, not the least perturbed, offered it another chance to prove its courage. So it bit her again.
Seems that tourists at the waterhole are barely tolerated by these game fauna of the Australian bush.

As I keep rather large snakes for pets, It was all in a days work for my adventurous children.


  1. hi David,

    well, I'm thrilled that you have posted up lizards that you encountered thinking of my interest in the beaut creatures.

    I was intrigued by the "bump" on the water dragon's head, but figured out that it must be loose skin from a moult. Because of its dull colour, I am guessing it's a female.

    My resident water dragon actually bit me a few days ago. Of course it was my fault. I don't often offer him a free feed, but this bug literally dropped at my feet and as it was still kicking I picked it up by a leg and was about to drop it where my lizard could see it when he suddenly snapped it from me, including my finger. And let me tell you, it hurt, and drew blood.

    It is very heartening to see children observing and interacting with native wildlife, and your two daughters obviously have a wonderful role-model in you.


  2. Hi Gaye,
    Thank you for such a nice comment.
    I believe children should be given as much interaction with nature as possible....we must promote sustainable awareness and and the benefits of interaction with nature to the next generation. Their children may not have the chance if we don't.
    I am amazed how game lizards can be....and quick.
    Hope the finger is feeling better :)



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