Saturday, February 16, 2008

Heads Up...Summers almost gone

With the approach of Autumn its "Heads Up" for our reptile friends.
Its time for building body fat reserves for winter before hibernation begins.

Isis was out for her afternoon "walk" when I took these photos.
The raising of the head as seen in the LH Shot is so that she can get a better look at things.
She has been a bit hungry of late, consuming a large rat a week.
The tongue of the snake is a complicated device. The "fork" smells in stereo,
enabling prey to be tracked down by triangulation.


  1. Most people walk the dog of an afternoon; David walks his snake !!

    Geez, I am just so thrilled that there are "different" people in this world :)

    Isis is a beauty !

    You might enjoy my backyard lizard friends, David:


  2. Thanks for dropping by Gaye.
    Yes, differences should be celebrated...though all too often people would prefer similarity,as it is more comfortable and less confronting to their two dimensional lives. It is unconventional people, such as we, that open eyes to new horizons of thought and new meanings of what it is to "be".
    I loved your lizard post.
    To have wildlife share space with you is the ultimate compliment a human can receive.


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