Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A few more Arachnids...and a Slug

Just when I thought I had done enough arachnid shots, I came apon this water spider ( found by my daughter Aeron) at Carrington Falls the other day.
It is amazing how they can suspend themselves on the surface tension of the water.
I was tempted to give this guy a little push to see if it would glide on the surface...and so I tried.
A word of warning...these spiders have a temper, and i was severly scolded in the form of many bites in quick sucession....luckily on my nail. ( you dont think that I would poke it with a stick...do you? )

Denis wilsons post on the day can be found Here. and has
further descriptions on the behaviour of this spider with further links.

While I am on the subject of spiders, I might as well put in this little Leaf Spider.
I loved, as a kid, placing flies in the web and watching the reactions of the spider as it tested the vibrations, spring into action to capture and subdue its prey, then haul the lot back to the safety of its home.

....And finally, something that is not a spider.
This slug, found by my kids in the backyard, was in the process of consuming a worm.
It managed this rather quickly, to my suprise, and took around a minute to consume a good 75mm of its dinner. The baby slug tagged along for the meal. A most unusual sight.


  1. Hi David

    Great photos, esp of the Water Spider - you can see the hairs on its legs in your photo.

    As for the slug eating a worm, that is terrific. It must be how the Italians discovered Spaghetti!



  2. hi David,

    I loved your account, and pictures, of the water spider, and was quite amazed by the biting episode - that was certainly an aggressive spider.

    And arn't kids wonderful at finding all the really good stuff in the garden! That slug encounter must have been a real thrill, and you have captured the meal table of this creature which, I feel sure, would be rarely seen. Well done. I am very pleased to have been able to share in your find.


  3. Thank you again Gaye and Denis for your comments and the support you show for the work im doing here.


    David :)


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