Friday, February 22, 2008

The eyes have it

Robber flies have great eyesight.
They have to, as they are carnivorous hunters of the insect world.
Built stout and sturdy, they grab insects in a vice like grip.
Anything their size or smaller is fair game.
They will often fly with their prey locked under them, held in place with strong legs.

I was lucky enough to see one finishing a meal, though not lucky enough to capture it with the camera. I was able to photograph those sharp compound eyes though.

A couple of photos below: one showing the eye structure, the other the design of the insect itself.


  1. Very interesting..I am hoping to use some of the info from this blog for my biology class...

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for the compliment.
    The links supplied with this site will provide the solid scientific knowledge to back up the photos I have taken...I try hard to keep it accurate...but biologist i
    All photos may be used for non commercial purposes, free of charge and without copyright violation :)

  3. Hi David

    That is the best "eye" shot I have ever seen! Fantastic work. You must have snuck up really close on it to get that.

    I hope your other admirer "netflixer" gives you a "photo credit" for your work in the biology class.


  4. Hi Denis,
    Im sure that someone associated with the scientific class realises the necessity of credit for work.


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